The Transition- California to Beirut

I have been in northern California taking care of everything I need to accomplish to prepare for two years abroad and doing my yearly catch up with the girls. There is indeed a possibility that I will not return to the states until Summer 2012, but I’m not positive yet. I really hope to make it back for the Maria + James wedding, and anyone else who decides to wed while I am away. We will have to see how things progress.

Today is Monday, and on Sunday I will be flying to Beirut. I have a nice flight- Virgin Atlantic from San Francisco to London, which is about 10 hours. Then on to Beirut. I will arrive late in the evening on the 20th and stay in a hotel close to campus for a few days. On the 21st-23rd I will take care of registration and getting all my administrative stuff in line. Hopefully I will also find an apartment. My main goals are finding something within two miles of campus, a balcony, and something that will allow me to have people visiting from abroad stay comfortably! I had a two bedroom in Egypt, but I don’t think that will be possible in Beirut.

I am more than excited. Mom and I were looking at pictures of Beirut and the campus last night, and it looks wonderful. Mom was excited about the trees and hills, commenting that it looked like San Francisco! Hopefully I can lure her there during my stay.


About kimberlyrose

Former defense policy analyst, current housing project coordinator, and full time birder, outdoor adventurer, fisherwoman and hunter.
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One Response to The Transition- California to Beirut

  1. laura-mac says:

    >Hey Kim – tried to friend you on Facebook, but being a technological lameball, failed. I'll figure it out. Looking forward to hearing about your journey through urban planning land, having spent a bit of time stuggling through that myself! Clever girl, school in Beirut – maybe you get to gloss over US Planning Law? How joyful would that be?

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