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Weighing what is Important in a Place to Live

So, I am moving out of my apartment. A few too many cockroach encounters (including an incident involving me blow drying my hair, accidentally blowing a hiding cockroach off of the door jam and onto my body and a fateful … Continue reading

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What does “dangerous” feel like?

On Friday, I was sitting at a café escaping one of Beirut’s torrential rainstorms accompanied by resonating thunder and flooded streets. The internet was down, people were hiding under awnings. Perfect time for a Turkish coffee and some urban planning … Continue reading

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Bread Republic

I wouldn’t call Bread Republic a “hidden gem.” Those who should be “in the know” seem to know its flavors and charms well. Located on Hamra Street around the corner in an alley, Bread Republic livens a broad cobblestone ally … Continue reading

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Classes so far…

My first week of classes went well. I dropped the Poli Sci elective I was so excited about. I walked in, it was all American Middle East Studies graduate students wearing awkward ties and enjoying the sounds of their own … Continue reading

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4 October, 9:18 PM My Balcony I don’t really know my neighbors, but I am starting to decide who they are none-the-less. From my balcony I can clearly see about fifteen balconies. I like to pretend they can’t see me. … Continue reading

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Illegal Cities: Los Angeles

Warm-Up Exercise: Global Slums Based on 2003 Global Slum Report: Los Angeles, U.S.A 1) What is the definition of slums adopted in this report? The authors contend that in Los Angeles, slum can describe whole neighborhoods or a single building. … Continue reading

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