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Former defense policy analyst, current housing project coordinator, and full time birder, outdoor adventurer, fisherwoman and hunter.

Demanding Honesty During Discourse- “Action Tomales Bay” and a Persistent Fib

I will admit that Action Tomales Bay, an organization of people who would like to end waterfowl hunting in the Tomales Bay Ecological Reserve, has always made me feel conflicted. As a waterfowl hunter that grew up close to Tomales … Continue reading

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Hunting in the Tomales Bay Ecological Reserve

I was born and raised in Point Reyes Station, and spent much of my youth frolicking on the ranches that dot West Marin. I saw cows shot and hung for butchering, pigs split open, and chicken heads axed off. For … Continue reading

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Privitizing Downtown and Building Posh Publics

This is a draft of a paper for my Politics of Public Spaces class… In this paper I seek to explore various policy approaches to the urban environment that prioritize capital accumulation through securing access to spaces by preferred publics. … Continue reading

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A Weekend in Free Egypt

This morning I returned from Egypt-the new Egypt. The Egypt of hope, pride, and the Egypt in which the future will be written by Egyptians. The Egyptian people face a long, hard road ahead; the real battle will be remembering … Continue reading

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Istanbul’s Limitless Wonders

After spending 8 lovely days in Istanbul, I can honestly say it is the city I most want to return to out of any of the other places I have been blessed to see. Its architecture, romantic skyline, never ending … Continue reading

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My Desire to Buy Local and My iPad Love Affair

I’m increasingly trying to buy local because I really believe that a small business keeps money in a community. Its not terribly easy in Lebanon. But, food has been easy: My weekly pilgrimage to Souk Al Tayyeb and patronizing my … Continue reading

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Point Reyes, West Marin Commons and the Smart Meter Battle

The more I learn about urban planning, the more I realize that the small town that I come from is as close to a utopia as it gets. For so long the insulated community and slow pace of life repelled … Continue reading

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